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Burgers & sliders

Amazing recipe by Jamie Oliver.
Serves 6


  • For the burger mix

  • olive oil
  • 2 medium red onions, peeled and finely chopped
  • 6 Jacob's crackers, or 4 slices of bread, crusts removed
  • 500 g quality lean minced beef
  • 1 teaspoon sea salt
  • 1 heaped teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
  • 1 large free-range egg
  • 1 handful Parmesan cheese, freshly grated
  • For the spicy mayo

  • 2 teaspoons low-fat mayonnaise, made with free-range eggs
  • 2 teaspoons fat-free natural yoghurt
  • 1 teaspoon tomato ketchup
  • 1 good pinch smoked paprika or cayenne pepper
  • juice of ½ lemon
  • To serve

  • 6 rashers higher-welfare smoked streaky bacon
  • 6 large burger buns, or 18 small burger buns
  • 1 soft round lettuce, leaves washed and spun dry
  • 4 tomatoes, sliced
  • 6 gherkins, sliced
  • a few pickled chillies


You can make these burgers or sliders in an oven at full whack, on the barbecue or in a hot pan. If you're using the oven or barbecue, preheat it now.

Put a splash of olive oil into a large frying pan on a low heat and add your chopped onions. Fry for 10 minutes or until the onions have softened, then put to one side to cool completely. Blitz your crackers or bread in a food processor until you get a fine consistency. Oil a clean baking tray and put aside. Put the cooled onions into a large bowl with the rest of the burger ingredients. Use clean hands to scrunch the mixture together really well, then divide into 6 equal balls for burgers and 18 equal balls for sliders.

Wet your hands and roll the balls into burger-shaped patties about 2cm thick. Place your burgers or sliders on the oiled baking tray and pat with a little olive oil. Cover them with cling film and put the tray into the fridge for at least an hour, or until the patties firm up. This is a good time to make your spicy mayo, so put all the ingredients into a bowl, mix well and put to one side.

If using a frying pan or griddle pan, put it on a high heat now and let it get really hot. However you decide to cook your burgers, they'll want around 3 or 4 minutes per side – you may have to cook them in batches if your pan isn't big enough. When your burgers or sliders are nearly cooked on one side, add the rashers of bacon – whichever way you're cooking them – then flip the burgers and cook the bacon until golden and crisp. When the burgers are cooked to your liking and it's all looking really good, halve your burger buns and warm them through. Put the bacon on a plate lined with kitchen paper to drain.

When everything comes together pop your burgers or sliders on to their buns, add all your lovely toppings and your spicy mayo (you know how to put a burger together!), then tuck in with a lovely fresh salad, baked potato or potato wedges.

Angry Birds'

Angry Birds’ nest recipe

This sandwich is a great addition to any kid's lunch box. A sambo that's full of healthy veggies and looks like one of their favourite characters? They'll wolf it down in a flash!



  • 1 slice wholemeal bread
  • 1 slice white bread
  • filling of choice
  • cheese discs (eyes)
  • green beans (eyes)
  • carrot pieces (beak)
  • 2 grape tomatoes (feet)


Place the white bread disc over one of the wholemeal bread discs and, using a 9cm cutter, cut out the lower part of the birds face, carefully cutting through both pieces of bread.
Discard the large section from the white bread and the small section from the wholemeal bread.
Spread the whole round of wholemeal with your desired filling.
Place the cut wholemeal piece at the top of the disc and the small white cut section at the bottom to form the mouth/beak region.
Using cream cheese, glue the crusts on as eyebrows, the cheese discs plus green bean slices for eyes and the carrot pieces for the beak.
Line a lunch box with sprouts or crispy noodles to form a nest.
Place the Angry Bird sandwich over nest and finish with 2 grape tomatoes for feet.

Nutella Snacks




  • 6 slices of bread of your choice
  • 1/2 cup Nutella
  • 100's and 1000's


Spread each slice of bread generously with Nutella.
Press slices face down into 100's and 1000's.
Slice into triangles.


  • You can use sharp cookie cutters to create shapes with this fairy bread.
  • This recipe was created by Jennifer Cheung for Kidspot, Australia's best recipe finder.

Yogurt Mousse Cake with Strawberries

Italian Dessert, Torta di Fragole e Crema Soffice di Yogurt is the perfect summer dessert!! Looks good - taste good!!

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Gray Dress

Pattern is translated from russian language with google translator. We appologise for any mistakes.

You will need:
• 800 g to 150 g of dresses and bags for the light-gray yarn Superwool (100% merino wool, 125 m/50 g);
• spokes № 4,5,
• supporting arm;
• 3 buttons;
• 2 small white crystals;
• Metal buckle for bag length of 23 cm;
• strap for the bag;
• 12 x 17 cm canvas for embroidery;
• tracing paper.
Double gum: a contrasting thread dial half of the required loops, 1st row of the working yarn to knit * 1 persons, 1 yarn over repeat from * to *, 2nd p.: * Knit yarn over individuals., Remove one item as WS. provyazyvaya not, the thread before work * repeat from *, * to the third and subsequent p.: * 1 individuals., remove 1 item as WS .. thread before work;, repeat from *, to *, in the finished part contrasting thread to dissolve.
Gum 1/1: 1 alternately persons .. 1 WS. Wrong expanse: persons. p. - WS. Section. WS. p. - Individuals. §
The basic pattern: number of loops multiply 27 + 12. Knit for the scheme. In the even-numbered rows to knit all sts in pattern, yarn over the previous provyazyvaya a number of individuals. To begin with loops before rapport, rapport repeat loop, repeat after finishing loops. Repeat from the 1st to the 48th district.
A special rubber band: the number of loops multiple of 4 +1. 1st p.: Persons. p, 2nd p.: * 1 individuals .. 3 sts. *, Repeat from * to *, k1. Repeat 1st and 2nd p.
The density of knitting. The basic pattern: 26 sts and 27 p. = 10 x 10 cm, smooth surface WS: 18 sts and 28 p. = 10x10 cm
Dress. Size: 42.
Back: dial 130 sts and tie 4 p. Dual band, then knit band 1/1. At 12 cm from the edge of typesetting knit pattern on the main circuit provyazyvaya extremes on both sides of paragraph 5 sts. smooth surface and subtracting from both sides in each 10-m p. 10 x 1 point in each 8-m p. 5 x 1 st through 54 cm from the gum to close the armholes bevels on both sides in each 2-m p. 1 x 3 sts and 5 x 1 st through 17 cm from the beginning of armhole to shoulder bevel miter close on both sides in each 2-m p. 3 x 9 p and 2 cm from the beginning of the shoulder bevel close the remaining 30 item
Before: Pick up 130 sts and tie 4 p. Dual band, then knit band 1/1. At 12 cm from the edge of typesetting basic knit pattern, beginning with the 23rd district. circuit performing a subtraction of the two parties, for the backrest. After 43 cm from the gum to the slot zip knit basic pattern only hinges on the right side to the middle section 6, paragraph 6 between the average evenly add 1 x 3 § § 9 and received knit band 1/1 (putting aside the remaining loops). After 54 cm from the gum to perform right bevel armholes as for back. At 25 cm from the beginning of the slot fasteners neckline close to the left of each 2-m p. 1 x 14 para. 1 x 3 x 4 and No. 1 through No. 17 cm from the start of the bevel shoulder pit perform bevel for the backrest. Pick up the work of the pending hinge left side, gaining the right to re-6 para. the corresponding average 6 sts before and between 6 § evenly adding 1 x 3 sts, knit the left front part symmetrically right. Thus a 5 cm from the start of the slot perform a first fastener hole for the button 5 after the first paragraph, the following two holes run interval 7 cm above the first arranging them.
Sleeves: Pick up 57 sts and tie 4 p. Dual band, then knit band 1/1. At 12 cm from the edge of typesetting special elastic knit, adding both sides in each 10-m p. 8 x 1 st through 33 cm from the gum to close doused sleeves on both sides in each 2-m p. 1 x 5 para. 1 x 3 sts. 6 x 2 and 10 x § § 1 through 14 cm from the beginning doused sleeves to close the remaining 13 item
Assembly: perform shoulder seams. Dial on the neck, including the edge fastener strips. 161 sts and knit elastic band 1/1, at 7 cm tie 4 p. Dual band and close all the loops knit stitch. Run side seams, sleeve seams and sew sleeves, sew on buttons.
Fit in one bag cloth, starting from the top. Job Description: Pick up 70 sts and knit sts. smooth surface, 20 cm on both sides diminish in each 2-m p. 4 x 1 st through 23 cm add to both sides in each 2-m p. 4 x 1 st through the 46 cm and close all the loops. Translate floral motif on the canvas, and then baste the fabric to the front of the bag at a distance of 8 cm from the right edge. Embroidered motif of the same thread, which is linked Bag: stems - chain stitch, flowers and leaves - seam "loop". Sew along one crystal in the center of each flower. Use tweezers to gently remove the threads of the canvas without damaging the embroidery. Fold the bag in half (39 x 23 cm) and sew the sides. Is gathered top edge to the length of the fastener (23 cm) and sew the zipper and handle. At the request sew the lining.